Monday, 11 December 2017

Obair bhaile - Winter Show

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

For the remaining 2 weeks of school the children will have no written work or oral homework.

Instead the children should use this time to learn the words of the winter show songs and to learn their lines.

When the children are learning their lines help them to focus on reading Loud, Clear, Fluently and with Expression.

If anyone is finding it difficult to source clothes for the show, let me know.

The show is on the Thursday the 21st of December  11:35 am.

Due to a family commitment I will not be in school on Friday the 22nd of December. The class will be split into other rooms on that day. Because of this we are going to have our Christmas party after the play on Thursday so the children are allowed to bring in a few treats if they want. 

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